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Cover of Interfaith's 2020 Annual ReportTake a look at our 2020 Annual Report!

From our Executive Director, Rick Doane:
What a year! For generations to come people will analyze this period in time. When my future grandchildren ask me “what was life like during the 2020 pandemic?,” instead of talking about the turmoil and losses I look forward to telling them about the immeasurable acts of service, generosity and true community spirit that were cultivated in the midst of crisis.

Words will never adequately express the profound gratitude that I have felt this year from seeing the incredible generosity of so many people. Your financial and tangible donations make it possible for us to keep up with the increased demand for our services. Read more…

In this year’s report you’ll learn all about the impact your donations had on our organization

impact report graphic

68,000+ bags of groceries distributed

430,000 lbs. of food rescued

An Interfaith volunteer fives a backpack to a food pantry client child

1,700+ children served

volunteers wearing face masks

16,000+ volunteer hours

And we take the time to thank you

Our donor list was so long this year that we had to add additional pages to our Annual Report! We are so incredibly grateful for your support through this especially difficult time.

Businesses, organizations, houses of worship and individuals who gave more than $100 in monetary donations in calendar year 2020 are listed in this year’s report. Thank you.




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