Client Stories

Photo of Stephanie


Stephanie is a single mother of three girls. She has struggled to maintain a stable job and make a living wage while caring for her children on her own. They ended up homeless, living in a family shelter. Luckily, they were recently able to move into an apartment in a beautiful and safe South Shore community. Although Stephanie was relieved to have a permanent roof over her head, she remained worried about making sure she would have enough food for her children.

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Photo of Becca


"My personal experience is with alcohol. It was a month before my 30th birthday when I knew I needed to get help with my drinking, after years of binge drinking, blackouts, and mornings of shame, regret, depression and anxiety.”

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Bill’s story mirrors that of many of our clients. He holds a job, but still finds it difficult to make ends meet. Mental health issues have required him to take some unpaid leave. Interfaith is a safety net for his family – they may not qualify for programs like SNAP since they have regular income, but when they have to take unpaid leave, choosing their own health over income, Interfaith is here with food assistance and a little bit of seasonal joy for the children.

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Tom, a client at Interfaith Social Services' New Directions Counseling Center, shared his story of addiction and recovery with us, in hopes that by speaking out he will help #stopthestigma surrounding mental illness and addiction.