Welcome, New Board Members!

Interfaith recently elected new officers and voted in new board members to our Board of Directors. Board member Gabe Arato, Strategy and Business Development Manager at Boston Children’s Hospital Simulator Program, was elected president for a two-year term, ending in 2022.

Gabe putting a box of cereal into a shopping cart
Interfaith’s new Board President Gabe Arato, shown here during a 2019 Board In-Service volunteer day in the food pantry.

Arato, of Quincy, has worked with us as a board member since 2013. He was introduced to Interfaith through a previous employer, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts, and was drawn to our mission to fulfill the basic needs of those struggling in the community.

“Many of us may not even know that our neighbor is hungry, or lost their job, may lose their home, or needs mental health services they can’t afford,” said Arato. “We are a diverse, fascinating community that when shown how, can lift each other up. Interfaith shows us how we can help, and makes it easy to see the interconnectedness among neighbors.”

Arato’s extensive experience in healthcare spans over a decade working in both provider and payor institutions developing organizational strategies, redesigning processes, and enhancing patient experiences with a human-centered approach. He currently leads strategic planning and business development for SIMPeds, Boston Children’s Hospital’s pediatric simulation program. He has extensive non-profit experience in various capacities, including as a community organizer developing programs targeting hunger, education and economic justice.

During his term, Arato aims to reimagine Interfaith’s mission/vision and to develop a new strategic plan.

“Over the years, we’ve become so effective at listening to our clients’ needs and increasing community engagement,” Arato said. “As those factors evolve, we need to anticipate those needs by planning and acting intentionally.”

Interfaith’s board has also voted in two new members for 2021: Anna Marie Conneely and Rhonda Prokos.

Conneely, of Quincy, is an experienced human resources professional, currently serving as Senior Human Resources Manager for North America and Latin America with DIH, a manufacturer of robotic censored medical devices. Prokos, of Sharon, is Assistant Vice President and Deputy General Counsel for Arbella Insurance, where she provides legal advice and counsel to all departments.

Gabe Arato professional head shot
Gabe Arato

Anna Marie Conneely head shot
Anna Marie Conneely

Rhonda Prokos head shot
Rhonda Prokos

Interfaith Social Services invites members of the public interested in joining the Board of Directors to email info@interfaithsocialservices.org or 617-773-6203 ext. 17.

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