Helping Children Have a Successful Remote Learning Experience

By Claire Hagan RN, LMHC
Interfaith's New Directions Counseling Center Counseling Coordinator

teacher with mug of tea typing on laptop showing image of two young studentsRemote school is as hard for children as it is for parents.  The lack of day to day consistency in actual vs remote school contributes to an even more difficult situation.  These few tips can help you provide your child with the best chance for successful learning at home as well as make life easier for parents.

  • Provide your child the best possible environment conducive for learning.  Lessen distractibility and check in frequently.  Sometimes light background music helps. Let this area become your child’s personal space and respect that.  Hang up some favorite artwork.  Have necessary materials readily available.
  • Create a daily plan and schedule which resembles the actual school day.  Establish rules and guidelines - your child should help create these.
  • Accept the fact this is not easy for anyone and your child needs support.  Honor the fact this is difficult for any parent not trained as a teacher.  Keep it all as positive as you can.
  • Encourage autonomy by making things easy for the child to navigate in an age appropriate way.
  • Work with strengths (every child is good at something) and CATCH YOUR CHILD DOING SOMETHING WELL.
  • When a child doesn’t get something, try to patiently figure out what the obstacle is. Your child can’t tell you what he/she doesn’t know.
  • Communicate. Check school messages, communicate with the school, and check that work is completed.

And give yourself credit for doing the best you can and showing your child that you value school and want to support the experience.


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