HomeSafe Donation Match Announced

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A generous donor has offered to match your donation – dollar for dollar – up to $50,000, to fully fund Interfaith Social Services’ HomeSafe program! DONATE TODAY.

HomeSafe client, Robert
Shortly before the pandemic hit, Robert suffered a hip and leg injury which prevented him from continuing at his fire alarm testing and repair job. Given the COVID-affected economy and his limited computer skills, he has not been able to find suitable employment. Read more about Robert’s story…

Just a few days ago we shared the story of one of our clients, Robert, and how the HomeSafe program helped prevent him from facing homelessness. His story, combined with the incredible need we are seeing in the community, prompted one of our heroes to act. We were overjoyed when this donor came forward with a $50,000 donation match challenge. With your help, we can meet this fundraising goal.

Double your impact and donate today!

Along with food and clothing, having a place to call “home” is a basic human necessity. At Interfaith Social Services, we do everything we can to help individuals and families acquire the resources that they need to manage the challenges of their daily lives.

For more than three decades Interfaith Social Services’ HomeSafe program has been preventing homelessness for local residents. It is called HomeSafe because every year the program keeps hundreds of South Shore families and children “safe at home” rather than becoming homeless. Some of the services available to eligible clients include: budget counseling, information referral, financial assistance with overdue rent, utilities assistance and help with medical expenses not covered by insurance.

The unemployment rate in Massachusetts has skyrocketed this past year due to the pandemic. This has caused massive financial insecurity and is threatening people with the risk of losing their homes. Programs like HomeSafe need your support now more than ever.

A donation to our HomeSafe program can have a tremendous impact on the lives of those in need in our community by preventing homelessness for hundreds of our neighbors.

Give today to have your donation doubled!

Thank you for your sustaining support.

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