Meet our client, Catheline

Catheline - an Interfaith clientA single mom of three children – ages 11, 9 and 10 months- she had been living with the father of her children when he suddenly left her. With no place else to turn, she moved to Massachusetts to be closer to her brother, who has been able to assist her with housing.

Catheline wants to be able to live independently, but a severe underlying health condition leaves her unable to hold steady employment. Interfaith has been a safety net for her during this difficult time. In addition to assistance from our food pantry, Catheline’s family received a Thanksgiving meal and holiday gifts for her children.

“There’s no way I would be able to have anything under the tree for my kids this year without Interfaith.” - Catheline

She has also been referred to our HomeSafe program to aid with housing resources. And she’s been able to utilize our Bureau Drawer Thrift Store, with its deeply discounted clothing, for clothes for her ever-growing children.

Interfaith Social Services’ programs are serving historically high numbers of clients. There are thousands of families like Catheline’s in our community who may need help during difficult times in their lives. Today Catheline has peace of mind knowing that she can come to us when she needs nutritious food or diapers for her baby. Most importantly, she knows she will be treated with dignity and compassion when she visits.

Last year, close to 1,600 hungry children were served by Interfaith’s food pantry. They received more than 11,000 bags of fresh fruits and vegetables, 4,000 holiday gifts and more than 63,750 diapers.

YOU make this possible!

Your donations provide our clients with nutritious food, joy to children during holidays, homelessness prevention assistance, budget counseling, mental health counseling and so much more. However, we need your help to continue being the safety net so many from our community so desperately need. We have included a donation envelope with this letter. Please give generously so that we can continue serving all of the families who turn to Interfaith Social Services in their time of need.

Thank you for your sustaining support. Have a wonderful holiday season!