Meet our volunteer, Jennifer

The following story comes from a volunteer at Interfaith who started serving with us during the coronavirus pandemic. She wrote this letter to her fellow volunteer crews during the holiday season. In her words:

I have heard and read so many stories of how Interfaith Social Services has impacted the community, helped so many families & individuals in need this year. I have witnessed the impact this organization has made over the past several months & am grateful to be a part of it.  In the spirit of sharing I would also like to share another side to the impact that Interfaith has had in my personal life as a volunteer!

I have worked for Hilton Worldwide for 23 years in various roles & various locations & was brought to MA almost 7 years ago for a larger, more challenging position.  I love the hospitality industry and I love the community that I have been a part of over half my life.

On Thursday March 19, 2020, my life was forever changed when I was furloughed from my job, my community, a life.  For several weeks I was lost and unsure of my future, unsure of how to make a difference and feel like I was part of something larger than my grief over losing so much.  That is when I found Interfaith!

Volunteering for Interfaith over the past 8 months has brought so much to my life and I often find myself without words to describe what being part of this new community means to me.  I have found a new sense of purpose & belonging in a very dark season in my life.  I have developed new friendships and am learning about a new industry that has sparked a positive light on my future.

Although I do not know what my professional life will look like in 2021, I do know that I will always be a part of Interfaith and will forever be grateful for all of you touching my life in a very positive and impactful way.  What each and every one of you does every single day matters to so many people & even though we do not say it every day... you all MATTER!!

Please know that you are all valued, appreciated & cared for and I am so very grateful for everyone that I have crossed paths with over the past few months.

I hope you all have a beautiful & blessed day!  I am looking forward to a new year!

Volunteer Jennifer lifts a yellow bin of food on her volunteer shift