Donating to the Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop

Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop logoDid you know that Interfaith operates a Thrift Shop? Located behind our main building and food pantry, at 105 Adams St., Quincy, MA, our Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop is one of the South Shore’s hidden gems.

A boutique-style shop, the Bureau Drawer offers women’s, men’s and children’s clothing, shoes, accessories, housewares, linens, vintage items, books and so much more. Secondhand and new items. Inventory changes daily.

Best of all, the Shop runs as a fundraiser for Interfaith Social Services, so ALL PROCEEDS benefit Interfaith’s programs. That means that when you shop or donate items to the Bureau Drawer, you are directly supporting Interfaith Social Services’ emergency food, mental health counseling and homelessness prevention programs.

The Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop is open Monday through Friday, 12:30-3:30pm. On Tuesdays we are open late, from 12:30-7pm. Come see us!

Where Can I Donate Clothing?

Donate Clothing

At the Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop! Make a donation appointment at

We accept clothing in all conditions. Donations in new, “like-new,” or “excellent used condition” are resold in our Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop.

Torn, stained or well-worn clothing is sent to textile recycling. Please bag these items separately and mark them as “POUNDAGE.” We are paid by the pound for the textiles and the funds go directly to Interfaith’s programs.

We can also accept and resell footwear/shoes in very good condition, accessories, jewelry and linens.

Where Can I Donate Books?

At the Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop! Make a donation appointment at

The Bureau Drawer has a fantastic book nook, containing hundreds of used titles. We specialize in fiction, but you’ll also find biographies, memoirs, non-fiction, cookbooks and more. Pick up 10 used books for just $4!

We accept both children’s and adult book donations. Donated children’s books are distributed in our food pantry to clients with children. (Read more about our children’s book program here.) Unfortunately, we cannot accept textbooks or encyclopedias.

Where Can I Donate Housewares?

Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop Quincy, MA

At the Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop! Make a donation appointment at

We welcome your donations of dishes, pots & pans, flatware, knick knacks, decor and small appliances. Because items are resold in a boutique setting, all items should be in excellent working condition with no chips, cracks or damage.

Where Can I Donate Vintage Items?

At the Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop! Make a donation appointment at

Many vintage items are sold in our Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop. We sometimes sell niche or specialty vintage items through our eBay storefront. All proceeds benefit the programs of Interfaith Social Services.

Where Can I Donate Toys?

Used toys are not big sellers in our Thrift Shop. Because we are so limited in our storage and merchandising space, we recommend that used toys be donated elsewhere, such as a “Buy Nothing” or “Free” group on Facebook.

Used stuffed animals can be recycled! Bag them separately and mark them as “POUNDAGE.” You can donate them to us or place them in a textile recycling bin around town.

We welcome donations of new toys, which are utilized in our Help for the Holidays program.

Where Can I Donate Furniture?

Unfortunately, we do not have space in our Shop for furniture. Here are some South Shore agencies that may be able to accept your furniture donation:

Where Can I Donate A Mattress?

We are unable to accept donations of mattresses. Please contact your local Public Works department for instructions on disposal. In Quincy, call the DPW at (617) 376-7556 at least one full business day before your regular trash pick-up day to schedule a curbside pick-up of mattresses.

Where Can I Donate Everything Else?

Check our Bureau Drawer Thrift Shop webpage to see if we can accept your items. Still have questions? Send us an email or give us a call at 617-773-6203 ext. 32.

Thank you so much for thinking of us with your donations!

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