Star Market in Quincy’s Summer of Giving to support Interfaith

IMG_1924When you stop by Star Market in Quincy over the next few weeks don’t be surprised when your cashier asks if you’d like to support Interfaith Social Services’ Food Pantry. The store is hosting a Summer of Giving donation drive at their Quincy location. For every $5, $10, or $15 that shoppers donate Star will assemble a food order to be distributed to local families through Interfaith’s food pantry.

These types of food drives are very important to our organization. Ask any of Interfaith’s volunteers and they will tell you how empty our shelves get at this time of year. School is out = no more free school lunch for the kid’s whose families use our pantry. This means that their parents now need to supply one more meal on an already meager budget.  People are on vacation = fewer donated goods from the community being dropped off at our location.  More clients and less food - not a good combination.

These food drives are also very important to Interfaith because a wider segment of our population gets to know about our programs.  As the cashiers mention our name a struggling family may now know where to look for food. As shoppers are asked to donate they may consider donating again in the future to sustain Interfaith’s programs.

We are so grateful for all of our community partners, like Star Market, who make it possible for Interfaith to feed thousands of our neighbors in need every year.


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