Pet Food

Helping pets and owners stay together

In addition to meeting the needs of the humans in their households, many families on the South Shore are also doing their best to care for their pets. People often share their own limited food resources with their pets and sometimes feel that pet surrender is their only option.

The South Shore Pet Food Pantry (SSPFP) has been partnering with Interfaith's food pantry since 2016 to provide supplemental cat and dog food assistance to clients, with the goal of keeping pets and their owners together and healthy.

Interfaith's food pantry clients can receive pet food on each visit, when available.

The pet food is provided by donations from individuals and corporations. To find out more about the SSPFP, and make a donation of cat or dog food, please visit the South Shore Pet Food Pantry.

Pet food donations are coordinated through the South Shore Pet Food Pantry (SSPFP)

Visit the SSPFP's web page for more information on donation drop spots, online wishlists and volunteer opportunities:

SSFPF on Facebook