Milk & Eggs Challenge

From our Executive Director, Rick Doane:

I hesitate to use the word crisis, but we are in the midst of a very challenging situation here at Interfaith Social Services.

This past year, Interfaith’s food pantry has seen a 23% increase in the number of clients reaching out for assistance from our food pantry.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture just released a report outlining that this increase is not isolated to Interfaith’s food pantry. This surge is a nationwide issue. It seems like that would be reason enough to be asking for help, but there is another reason we are sending this email today.

Our Food Supply Has Been Cut in Half

We took a huge hit this past month when our food supply was cut in half. The distribution center that supplies food to all emergency food organizations in Eastern Massachusetts is having a staffing crisis. For the past month, they have had to cut the amount of food they distribute to all agencies. There is no scheduled end to this reduction in food.

Since we are now receiving half of the food as before, we have had to reduce the amount of food distributed to clients, while also having to purchase significantly more food from wholesale and retail distributors. We are providing food to 1,400+ households every month and spending thousands of dollars more each week than we had budgeted for.

We Need Your Help

We need your help. Like many families, the top items most sought after by our clients are the basics: eggs and milk.

We are hoping that you can supply milk and eggs for a local family each month by becoming a monthly donor.

Just $5 per month will make it possible for us to purchase a gallon of milk and a dozen eggs for a family. With $10 per month, you will supply two families with a dozen eggs and a gallon of milk, and so on. We hope that you will sponsor several households, but if you can only help one family each month YOU ARE MAKING A DIFFERENCE and we are grateful! Set up a monthly donation NOW.

Also, in recognition of the challenging situation, and to encourage more people to donate, a generous donor has agreed to match your donations up to $5,000!


Interfaith is committed to being the safety net for thousands of South Shore children and families in need. We are counting on our amazing community of supporters to help in this difficult time. On behalf of the thousands of people we serve, THANK YOU.

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