Congratulations to Michelle Goldthwaite, our June Volunteer of the Month!

Michelle has been volunteering in the Bureau Drawer since Sept. 2015 and is in charge of posting high value or unusual donations to Interfaith’s eBay site.

Michelle researches a donated item before posting it to Interfaith’s eBay site.

Cindy says:
“Even though you may not see Michelle very often she is a dedicated team member in the thrift shop.  She spends a lot of her time researching, listing, monitoring, answering questions, closing out, packing and shipping select items on our eBay site.

These are donations from our community that we have decided will sell much better to a wider audience.  In the past year and a half since I started tracking sales, she has sold close to 150 of these various things to buyers across the country for about $7,500.

She comes to the shop once a week and collects things we have saved for her and takes them home and does her magic, making us money!

This also means she has made more than 150 trips to the post office – that in itself is amazing!”

We asked Michelle 4 Questions:

  1. Why did you choose to volunteer at Interfaith?

I started volunteering at Interfaith a few years ago because I loved the many different aspects of the mission, and how the organization can assist clients on so many levels, from food, to emergency, to holiday assistance, and so much more. I began volunteering in the thrift shop and then started selling higher value donated items online.

  1. What other volunteer experience have you had?

Before Interfaith, I had volunteered at Cradles to Crayons in Quincy for 8 years until they moved to Boston. I also worked in animal rescue, fostering, doing home visits and helping to place many dogs, as well as managing and administrating a Facebook page to promote shelter dogs.

  1. What do you enjoy most about volunteering here?

I really enjoy working with the people at Interfaith, and also researching some of the many interesting items that are donated before selling them online. I have sold everything from vintage teapots to 14k gold bracelets to cowboy boots. There are always new and interesting items that are donated.

  1. Tell us something interesting about yourself that the other staff and volunteers may not know.

I have 4 kids and 4 dogs!


Know someone who may be interested in volunteering? Have them reach out to volunteer coordinator Paula Daniels at 617-773-6203 ext. 28 or

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