Wastin’ Away

Now that we’re all stuffed full of Thanksgiving leftovers, let’s take a minute to talk about food waste. A UN study reported than nearly a third of food produced for human consumption never reached the table. That’s astonishing!

At Interfaith, one of our main goals is to rescue food from the waste stream and get it into the hands of those that need it most. We do this through our food rescue program, partnering with local retail stores such asĀ Stop & Shop,Ā Big Y World Class Market,Ā BJ’s Wholesale Club,Ā Roche Bros – Quincy,Ā Roxie’s of Quincy,Ā Target Braintree, Amazon and more.

Food from these stores that would otherwise be hitting Dumpsters is loaded into our rescue van on a weekly basis and sorted and shelved by volunteers at our food pantry.

With these partnerships, we rescued more than 325,000 pounds of food last year!

While we’re doing our part to minimize food waste on a larger scale, there is still much work that can be done by individuals. Here’s an interesting article from theĀ The Boston GlobeĀ about trying to cut down on food waste at home.

What tips can you share on ways to reduce waste at home?

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