Many Hats – Life in a Small Non-Profit

multiple-hatsAt small nonprofit organizations staff members traditionally wear many hats. Such is the case at Interfaith Social Services. Our fundraising person is also our volunteer coordinator. Our executive director is also our IT, HR, and PR person. There is no receptionist, everyone answers the phone. Everyone chips in and does what needs to get done. Most organizations do this because they need to – limited budgets, program constraints, reduced funding, etc. Interfaith, however, does this by choice.

The organization operates with a small number of staff members so that we can make sure as much  funding as possible goes back to our programs. We believe strongly in the principle of stewardship. We are stewards of the donations that we receive, our solemn responsibility is to make sure that the funds are used to help as many people as possible. One unique factor which makes this possible is our  VOLUNTEERS. In 2014 Interfaith’s volunteers donated over 19,000 hours of time serving their neighbors in need through Interfaith’s programs. They make the difference. They are the heart and soul of our organization. Corporate teams, individuals, churches, school kids – these are our volunteers – this is our community. It is inspiring to serve beside them. Their dedication is infectious. Our staff might might wear many hats but the burden is lighter, life is less frantic, because of our volunteers and the support we receive from our community.

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