Halloween costumes for kids served by Food Pantry

1 Halloween 2015 (3)On Saturday October 17, 2015 hundreds of kids sorted through racks full of Halloween costumes to transform themselves into the princess or superhero of their dreams. These children’s families rely on Interfaith Social Services programs for assistance. Without this event these kids might have missed out on trick-or-treating this year because their families don’t have enough disposable income to buy them a Halloween costume. As client families arrived at Interfaith’s offices they were teamed up with one of Interfaith’s amazing volunteers. “Many of our volunteers brought their children with them to the event,” said Interfaith’s executive director Rick Doane. “Watching little four year old kids helping other four year olds find their perfect costume was heart warming.”1 Halloween 2015 (1)

“Our food pantry serves upwards of five-hundred children each month. Helping these kids and their families is paramount to our organization’s mission. Everyone can see the joy that kids experience each October 31st. Our youngest clients, many of whom are living in some very difficult situations, deserve to experience that joy more than anyone else.”

“All of the costumes came from an amazing outpouring of support from the community. Dozens of local children organized costume drives at their schools. Generous donors went out and purchased costumes. Many individuals stopped by the office with gently used costumes which their kids had previously used.  It was incredible to see how many people rallied to help these kids have a fun Halloween. That example of love and compassion makes this event extra special.”

This is the fourth year that Interfaith Social Services has organized a Halloween costume event for the kids served by their food pantry. Donations for next year’s event have already started to arrive.


Photos by Nations Photography

1 Halloween 2015 (2) Aaliyah Gomez, 11 (Quincy) Abigail Muzzy, 9 and Solange Fernandes (Brockton) Adrianna Furtado, 3 (2) Adrianna Furtado, 3 Alexis Damon, 4 Anne-Marie Quigley Anthony Arrazola and his son, Hans, 4 Anthony Arrazola, 8 Briell Dunham, 3 (Quincy) (2) Briell Dunham, 3 (Quincy) Charly Campbell, 11 (2) Charly Campbell, 11 Christian Canty, 2 (Randolph) Daisy Fernandes, 4

Focused with the Focus 2 app
Focused with the Focus 2 app

Destiny Fernandes, 8 and Daisy Fernandes, 4 (2) Destiny Fernandes, 8 and Daisy Fernandes, 4 Elias El Halabi, 6 and Jad El Halabi, 6 (Quincy) Elizabeth Cheung, 9 (Quincy) Evan Mondon, 6 (Spiderman) and Corey Chaparro, 10 Evekyel Ortiz, 5 and Khaleef Williams, 5 Filiviano Depina, 6 (Quincy) Gianni Perea, 11 (Quincy) (2) Gianni Perea, 11 (Quincy) Gordon Ye, 5 (Quincy) Hailey Faiella, 4 and Mahcklia Samuels, 4 Hailey Faiella, 4 Isaiah Gomez, 7 and Aaliyah Gomez, 11 (Quincy) Joshua Langley, 6.5 (Quincy) Julianna O'Donnell, 9 (Quincy) Kaylearis Roman, 6 Khaleef Williams, 5 Kiera Buckley, 3 (Quincy) (2) Penelope Reale and her Richard of Newton Penelope Reale, 2.5 Rimahya Samuels, 2 (2) Rimahya Samuels, 2 Sadie Galvin, 9 (Quincy) (2) Sofia Ortiz, 8 Susan Patterson Volunteers Mary Parker and Gwen Taylor William Vecchione, 7 (Quincy) (2) William Vecchione, 7 (Quincy) Zhari Allen, 3 (Randolph)














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